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front-end developer & designer

Hi, I'm Brenda. I love CSS, e-commerce, beautiful and thoughtful design, making soap from scratch, and dancing to good and bad pop music.

I've been making websites since the early days of Geocities and professionally for the past decade in a variety of development and design roles, often solely on one side or the other. With this unique perspective and experience, I've found success in companies large and small as a bridge between these two worlds. I advocate for collaboration in cross-functional team environments where design & development work together. My current role is as a Senior Software Engineer full-time with Context Travel.

As an award winning conference speaker, I have been around the world presenting talks on my greatest love, CSS. I've also been an active member of the NYC tech community by teaching with Girl Develop It, and helping to organize local front-end meetups like CSS Layout Club and ManhattanJS.

Headshot of Brenda Storer

As a web design and developer consultant, I've worked for all types of clients in various industries — from small greenfield startups and non-profits, to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Context Travel website screenshot

    Context Travel

    In house Senior Software Engineer on a custom Ruby on Rails e-commerce application for a boutique travel start-up.

  • Lola product page website screenshot


    Front-end development with Shopify Liquid, JavaScript, and Sass for a custom Shopify e-commerce subscription site.

  • Thrive Global custom CMS website screenshot

    Thrive Global

    Front-end development and design for a publishing platform CMS built from scratch in Ruby on Rails with Sass and JavaScript.

  • Joydrive website screenshot


    Design and front-end development in an Elixir/Phoenix application for a custom e-commerce platform that sells new and used cars online.

  • Animation of a luxury satchel handbag changing colors and styles


    UX research, design, and front-end development for a custom luxury handbag e-commerce brand succeeding with the goal to improve conversion and site bounce rate.

  • Levo League homepage screenshot

    Levo League

    Lead Front-End Developer and Designer at a career advice and social networking start-up for millenial women.


I was honored to recieve the award for “Best Conference Presentation” at CSSDevConf 2017, voted on by the conference attendees. I'm currently booking speaking engagements for 2020. Get in touch!


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